The beauty of our products can be maintained with the right use and care. To ensure long-lasting beauty of the material, we strongly advise that you follow the care instructions and use the recommended care products. Otherwise, the surface of your HØGH furniture and accessory might incur damages. For any questions, please contact us.


For stains, which are not removed with a dry cloth, use a damp cloth by wiping over the effected surface. Every treatment should be in the direction of the wood’s grain. Water marks are best treated with a damp cloth. The same goes for grease stains. First try using a damp cloth, if necessary then wipe with a mild soap suds. For deeper remaining stains, it might be necessary to sand the area (sandpaper, grain 240), always sanding in the direction of the wood’s grain.


For maintenance of oil waxed surfaces we recommend the use of Allbäck Linseed oil wax. Before applying the oil wax, the wood must be cleaned with a damp cloth. If the wood grains ”raise”, lightly sand them (sandpaper, grain 240). For sanding the wood needs to be completely dry. After evenly applying a thin layer of oil wax on the entire surface with a sponge or cloth, let it soak for 15 minutes, and wipe off excess treatment in the direction of the wood’s grain. Let the surface dry. One coat is sufficient.

The surface should be maintained with a thin layer of new oil wax. Application should only be done when necessary. If the wooden surface looks dry, faded or is spotted, oil wax should be applied. If the surface is not faded or spotted, we do not recommend to oil wax the surface, as it is possible to over treat. Application once a year is usually sufficient to maintain the colour and glow of the wood.

If you need to purchase more Allbäck Linseed oil wax, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Despite the robustness of this surface, it is recommended to immediately wipe off stains and dirt with a dry or damp cloth. Fruit or ink stains should be removed instantly, before they have a chance to impact the surface. If a damp cloth is not sufficient, a mild soap suds can be used. In no case, aggressive detergents or scouring agents should be used, as they might harm the lacquered surface.

In the case of wood lacquer, the surface should not remain wet – instead, immediately after cleaning, wipe away the excess of water with a dry cloth.


The best way to keep your mattress or cushion looking attractive and prolong its lifetime is to prevent build-up of dust and dirt, by frequent vacuum cleaning. For easy cleaning of non-greasy stains, dab the surface gently with a clean, damp cloth. Use lukewarm water and wring out well. If necessary, use a mild soap suds or water with a little washing-up liquid, then dab with clean, tepid water.


The brass plate used in NEW NEST is untreated, and will show signs of tarnish over time. The patina of ageing brass has its own beauty. However, for maintenance and keeping it looking shiny and new, we recommend the use of Everbrite ProtectaClear